How Meatarian Can Become Vegetarian

Vegetarian diet, despite being a topic of numerous heated discussions from different parties, including health care workers, scientists, economists, philosophers, and even environmental protection activists, still proves to be a healthier option for most people than predominantly meat-based diet. Obviously, one should and must consider such factors as presence of local greenery and access of a person to plant-based products, and sometimes financial abilities of some communities to afford proper plant diet instead of low-quality fast food. However, if a person has access to appropriate amount of greenery and can actually afford it (practice shows that most people actually spend huge sums on meat and meat-based products), it seems only sensible to become vegetarian. Or at least consume less meat.


Reason for Becoming Vegetarian

There are numerous reasons why people abandon meat-based diet and become vegetarians. Firstly, it should be mentioned that some peoples on the planet follow now, or used to follow before globalization, a vegan diet (including pregnant women, small children and elderly members). So, vegan diet is not a newly invented trend, but a rather traditional way of nutrition.

There is no hit-parade of reason why people decide to become vegetarians. There are just several the most popular reasons. They include:

  • health condition
  • economic problems
  • ethical issues
  • religious issues

Although some traditional (read conventional) health care doctors do not appreciate the benefits of vegetarian lifestyle, many advanced and very well-known doctors, like Dr. Richard Schulze, advocate vegan diet as a way to ultimate health. Indeed, vegan diet stimulates digestion, normalizes weight and metabolism, decreases cholesterol levels, improves blood indicators, builds healthier skin, and improves the condition of numerous organs and systems. That is why many people suffering from heart and blood vessels condition, overweight, or general intoxication of the body, accept vegetarian approach in their nutrition.

Economically, it is more sensible to decrease the amount of consumed meat, and increase the amount of plants in diet. Being a vegetarian does not mean eating expensive fruit three times a day. Local vegetables and greenery should be considered as a healthier option.

Ethical reasons of becoming a vegetarian include pity for the sufferings of animals being killed for a purpose, that can actually be fulfilled without violence – that is, feeding in vegetarian style. Ethical reasons include environmentally sustainable approach, because meat production causes unimaginable levels of pollution on the planet. Religious reasons are still timely, because some religious currently limit the amount of meat allowed to be consumed.

How to Become a Vegetarian

The person needs to realize the reason why he or she wants to become vegetarian, and stick to it. If the situation allows gradual approach, it is a good idea to slowly decrease the amount of meat in the diet, replacing it with other highly nutritious foods like legumes, nuts, and mushrooms. If the situation is crucial, like emergency health condition, it is reasonable to quit consuming meat products at once, replacing them totally as indicated above. The first method is more convenient in psychological terms, giving time to get accustomed to new foods; however, both methods are equal in terms of physiology, because the body will start to change its chemistry only after full transfer to a vegetarian diet.

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  1. Do not need to become vegan, because the body needs a balanced diet, fatty acids, proteins that eat only in animal food. I believe that you need to eat all kinds of meat and vegetable food

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