Vegan Christmas Foods

Christmas is the time when people visit their relatives and friends, organize parties at home, and cook abundant meals. Consequently, Christmas is the time when most people tend to suffer from indigestion, gluttony, lack of energy, and gain weight fast. Vegetarian cuisine races to the rescue! Although butter and oil, as well as sweet products, are used in vegetarian and vegan dishes, due to being plant-based such dishes are digested much faster. So, one should consider cooking vegan dishes for Christmas.


You can serve grilled vegetables, small sandwiches, green and black olives, cheese (if this is a vegetarian meal, because vegans do not usually consume dairy products), croutons with light drinks.

Main Course

The most obvious choice for the vegan main course for Christmas is potatoes. Potatoes are easy to cook, and you can cook a variety of dishes. At the same time, due to the high level of starch, potatoes are extremely nourishing. Rinse your potatoes, do not peel, and half-bake in the oven. After they are almost baked, cut each potato in half, take the inside with a spoon, and mash the potato pap with pieces of broccoli, eggplant, carrot, and hard cheese. Then put the puree back into the halves of potatoes, thus stuffing them, add some grated cheese on top, and bake until ready. Serve hot.


There is a list of options for the hotplate. You should consider numerous vegetables to grill, bake, or stew. Do not forget mushrooms – you can make a plenty of dishes both tasty and nourishing, like oyster mushrooms soft-fried with spice. However, one of the best options to cook for the Christmas hotplate is felafel balls made of soybeans or lentil. Felafel balls are very nourishing and tasty, they are served with different sauces, and sometimes you cannot tell them from meat balls. To cook felafel balls you need a powerful blender.


The topic of salads is as wide as the sky, so there is no specific need to list typically vegan or vegetarian salads. The two main things for you to remember are the following:

  1. vegans do not consume any animal products at all, including all kinds of milk and cheese, including eggs, and sometimes even honey. So avoid such products in your dishes. Please mind that mayonnaise also contains eggs.
  2. vegetarians are often OK with cheese, and sometimes even with eggs. So if you are not sure about the preferences of your guests, you should either double-check with them, or to make two types of dishes, just to be on the safe side.


Here, again, consider what your guests will not eat, and operate in the limits available. Most vegetarians and vegans are fine with chocolate and ice-cream, although you should better ask. Please do not forget that some do not consume gelatin, because it is made of animal bones. Overall, cookies and fresh fruit may be the best option, but if you want something more exquisite, try to cook sweet nuts and dried fruit balls mixed with honey. These are easy to make, tasty, and easy to store in your fridge.

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