Famous Vegetarians and Healthy Eating Habits

Today, the trend of following the vegetarian diet becomes more and more popular, and one of the reasons for it is health benefits. Despite being a source of disputes, vegetarian diet is obviously healthier for human body due to a large amount of plant fibre that is extremely useful and in fact necessary for human intestinal tract.

Healthy Eating

It must be admitted that vegetarian diet can in fact be unhealthy, in case when one does not eat meat and meat-based products, but at the same time ignores majority of vegetables, and lacks the skill of combining the products properly. Sometimes, vegetarian diet can become unhealthy because one simply cannot cook properly or at all. However, in most cases, consumption of larger amount of plant-based food and limitation of meat in diet brings considerable benefits to the body, while a well-balanced and sensible vegetarian or vegan diet increases these benefits several times.

Advantages of being a vegetarian include:

  • healthy intestine
  • improved health and vascular condition
  • improved skin condition
  • more energy

Advantages brought by the vegetarian diet are the reason why so many celebrities have gone vegan, and this trend continues. In addition,, when one starts researching the topic of vegan or vegetarian diet, obvious ethical and environmental problems step out, since many people are simply unaware how much harm the meat production brings. So, many celebrities who promotes vegetarian diet do that both because of health benefits, and due to ethical obligations to the animals and planet.

Celebrities Who Went Vegan

The number of celebrities who went vegan is huge in many fields of art, business and science, however, if to talk about music, movie and modelling celebrities only, the list is still very long.

Natalie Portman

Famous actress Natalie Portman went vegan in 2009 after becoming aware of the cruel industry of meat production. Since then, she spreads the message about ethical approach to animals and advantages of vegetarian diet.

Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage became famous after playing the role of Tyrion in the Game of Thrones series. After that, obviously, all his lifestyle habits became interesting to the media. It turned out that Peter is vegetarian and follows this lifestyle due to ethical reasons.

Jared Leto

Looking how little has Jared Leto changed with age and time, it is easy to be inspired and follow the vegan diet as well. Leto leads a vegan lifestyle, including his refusal to wear clothes and use items made of animal products, and is an animal rights activist.

Liam Hemsworth

Liam’s impressive physical fitness makes people conventionally believe that he is a dedicated carnivore, however, this is not the case. He is a vegan and believes this type of diet is incredibly beneficial for human body, no matter male or female.

These famous people are inspiration for many, so perhaps their vegetarian lifestyle will be inspiring for those who would like to consider their health.

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